Meet Your Instructors

All of the instructors at Infinite Strength are real people with jobs, families and lives. We have learned that being fit and healthy is not a destination~ it is a way of life. We are here to inspire, motivate and show you that everyone, every size, every age and every stage of life can have a healthy life. We all are busy, but, it isn't about having the time to workout, it's about making the time. Make the decision to exercise. It not only makes you look and feel better, it can improve the quality of your life.

Jolene Fenner

Jolene started Infinite Strength in April of 2018. She wanted to have a place for members to get away from every day life and experience exercise in a fun, happy and welcoming environment. Getting Fit and Healthy is a lifestyle, and members at Infinite Strength work together, push each other and experience exercise in an enjoyable, judgement free atmosphere. Jolene teaches many different formats, does personal training and coaching for all types, and finds this to be her passion- outside of her other jobs.

Gretchen Bachner

Gretchen has been an instructor for about two years. She teaches, Barre, Piloxing Barre, Turbokick, Core De Force, Strength & Balance, and Tabata. Gretchen loves coming up with new ideas to motivate and push her class participants, as well as promoting and progressing the business. Outside of instructing, Gretchen has two full time jobs, one of them being a mama to her spoiled little pup Zoe.

Danielle Fenner

Danielle is one of our group fitness instructors who is very excited to further her fitness journey with Infinite Strength. Outside of being an awesome addition to the team, Danielle is a teacher at Newark Valley elementary school. Danielle and her husband raise their 2 kids, and keeps busy driving each of them to their many activities. Danielle is currently teaching POUND and Tabata while going back to school!